Jay Cohen of

Northern Leasing

Jay Cohen is the Owner of Northern Leasing, a New York-based company. Since the company was founded, Jay has worked diligently to ensure that it sets the precedent for industry standards. Boasting a stellar employee base, all knowledgeable in the industry, and a vast network of collections, Northern Leasing has most definitely become a trailblazer, paving the the way its competitors.

Though his company is one of his greatest passions, his love for sports doesn’t fall too far behind. As a New York native, Jay Cohen is faithful to his home state’s sports teams. On nice days, he enjoys taking his family to see a game live, but more often than not he’s enjoying the game in the comfort of his own home.

What Jay enjoys most about sports is the apparent and outstanding teamwork between athletes. To him, there are many similarities between being a business owner and entrepreneur and being an athlete—in both, you have to value your teammates, put in hours of hard work, and be dedicated to succeeding at your goal.

Jay and his family are also enthusiastic travelers who enjoy the experiences and memories visiting a new culture offers. For more information on Jay Cohen and Northern Leasing, be sure to check out his blog!

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