The Future of Air Travel

No single industry experienced more disruptions to its normal routine, perhaps, than the airline industry. When governments around the world simultaneously sealed their borders last year, the reverberating effects hit the airlines first and hardest, virtually bringing their entire operations to a standstill.

Since then, not much has changed. Much of the world remains closed. The vaccine rollout of 2021 has sparked hope, however, of a resumption of some semblance of normalcy in terms of the movement of people. International travel will likely never be the same again, but it will exist in a new form as we move forward.

COVID-19 Travel Apps

Passengers might be required in the future to install and use travel apps that track their movements, One program in particular, Common Pass, has begun to see wider interest after it was piloted recently in a successful Transatlantic trial run. Several airlines, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies throughout the world are collaborating to develop universal travel apps that will allow large volumes of passengers to pass smoothly through customs and other international checkpoints.

A Surge in Family Trips

One of the more interesting effects of the COVID-19 social distancing and travel shutdowns from a sociological perspective is that it cut off huge numbers of people from their homelands. Travelers who were working or visiting a foreign country when COVID-19 hit have spent nearly a year separated from their kin. The surge in demand for repatriation flights (special trips returning people to their home countries) has also carved out new international travel routes due to the need for creative workarounds during the shutdown.

Flexible Booking

COVID-19 actually did some good for the travel industry from a passenger perspective in terms of positive changes to booking and refund policies. Due to the uncertainty and ever-changing border and travel restrictions in the early days of the pandemic, the airlines responded by offering tickets with a standard flexibility guarantee. So, if you book your flight but are unable to board because of a positive COVID test or another unexpected development, you won’t be out of your ticket.

The changes to the airline industry post-COVID are too many to list here. Even more are on the horizon. Stay tuned for the latest developments in the industry airline as it adapts to the new reality of travel.

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Highlighting the African-Focused Talent Company ‘Andela’

Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets for technology-based products in the world. Over the years, internet connectivity has significantly grown in numerous African countries. The number of people using smart devices has also increased tremendously, leading to online opportunities growth.

Multiple technology startups have also emerged and are doing well in driving innovation and inventions. One of the companies that are spearheading the evolution of technology in African countries is Andela. Founded over five years ago, Andela has established bases in more than five countries and has its headquarters in the United States.

Who Founded Andela?

Andela was established by technology enthusiasts who saw the need to develop Africa by equipping young talented people with skills to spearhead its growth. Some of the company’s founding members include Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Nadayar Enegesi, and Christina Sass. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Nadayar are African entrepreneurs and investors who have made significant contributions to their home country’s growth and spread into other parts of Africa. The duo has been instrumental in establishing the Future African Fund – an initiative focused on providing capital to various startups from African countries.

COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the operations of numerous businesses, including Andela. As strict measures to curb the spread of the virus took effect, the company was forced to adopt the work from home strategies encouraged by various governments worldwide. This move ensured that the company’s operations continued despite the devastating effects of the pandemic on the global economy.

Role of Andela in Africa

Andela was established to scout for talents in Africa. The company identifies young people interested in software development and trains them to become software experts. The company does not discriminate against any gender as it trains both male and female software experts. Application to join the company is free and transparent. Successful applicants undergo some months of training and are then deployed to work with professional engineers in various departments. Upon completing the training, young software engineers are connected with top software companies operating in Africa, such as Microsoft and Google.

Technological advancements will spearhead growth in Africa. Andela has demonstrated its commitment to making Africa shine globally through its investment in technology training. As technology continues to evolve, we expect that more technology startups will continue to blossom.

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The Top 3 Quarterbacks in This Year’s NFL Draft

The quarterback position is easily the most important on a football team. It is nearly impossible for an NFL team to win on a consistent basis without solid production from their quarterback. This is why the top players at the position are so highly sought-after in the NFL draft. It is never shocking to see several quarterbacks go within the first few picks, and this is definitely a real possibility on April 29. Here are the top three quarterbacks in this year’s NFL draft according to experts.

Trevor Lawrence

The highly touted quarterback from Clemson University is almost certainly going to get selected with the first overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence has only lost two games during his three years as Clemson’s starting quarterback. Lawrence has been on the radar of NFL teams since winning the NCAA Championship as a true freshman. His tall stature and huge arm make him the prototypical NFL quarterback. Despite having a massive arm, Lawrence refuses to force throws. This led to him throwing just 17 interceptions in his three-year collegiate career.

Zach Wilson

Most talent evaluators have Zach Wilson from BYU slighted ahead of Justin Fields from Ohio State. A lot of fans may not know much about Wilson, but he skyrocketed up draft boards this season after a spectacular year with the BYU Cougars. It is hard to ignore his 33 touchdowns and three interceptions this year. Wilson has the size and arm strength of a quality NFL quarterback. He also has enough speed to make plays when the pocket collapses. Wilson can go as high as number two overall to the Jets, but he likely will not fall past the Carolina Panthers at the #8 spot.

Justin Fields

Justin Fields’ time with the Ohio State Buckeyes makes him a much flashier prospect than Zach Wilson. Fields struggled with his accuracy at times during the 2020 season, but he put on an absolute show in the College Football Playoffs despite playing with a serious rib injury. Fields has a huge arm with blazing speed, which earns him a lot of comparisons to DeShaun Watson. Fields also has a chance to get selected by the Jets with the second pick, but the Denver Broncos would love for him to fall to number nine.

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Remote Airbnb’s in the U.S. to Check Out

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb rentals are the perfect way to enjoy a safe vacation. Far from crowds, these remote destinations offer an escape from the chaos of today’s world.

San Angelo House & Hot Tub
Joshua Tree, California

Just a few minutes from Joshua Tree National Park sits this amazing rental. In this newly built home, guests can watch the sunset while relaxing in hot tub hammocks. Nearby quaint shops and dining locals await as well.

Hillside Cabin
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Get away from it all at this cozy cabin in the woods. Here visitors can enjoy “glamping” at its best with a contemporary kitchen and stone fireplace. The outdoor hot tub is a great place to take in the breathtaking mountain landscape.

China Mountain House
Port Orford, Oregon

Urban ambiance takes to the skies in this magnificent home. Plentiful windows bring the Southern Oregon coast indoors. Stay in and enjoy the home theater system or venture out and enjoy nearby activities including river rafting, fishing, and the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Cross Tress Cottage
Mackinac Island, Michigan

A ride on a ferry or plane is needed to get to Cross Tress Cottage. Once there, transportation only consists of horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. Located on Lake Huron’s beautiful Mackinac Island, the cottage is a perfect space for relaxation.

Bungalow in the Redwoods
Trinidad, California

Northern Californian landscapes are in store for guests to this inviting bungalow. Set among six acres of towering Redwood trees it offers peace and privacy. When guests want to venture out, the nearby town of Trinidad offers coastal charm.

Juniper Hill Cabin
Wilmington, New York

Nestled in the midst of the Adirondack Mountains, the Juniper Hill Cabin offers guests a gorgeous landscape with room to relax. Wood-paneled walls provide an inviting indoor atmosphere. Outside, the stone fire pit provides the perfect spot to snuggle in and enjoy the mountain air.

Oak Island Wildlife Preserve
Camden, Maine

Be the king of your very own island at this amazing rental. Located on the Oak Island Wildlife Preserve and accessible only by boat, this getaway consists of a charming main cabin and a cozy “love shack.” Breathtaking views and plenty of privacy will rule the day.

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The Four Best Platforms for Charity Crowdfunding

When crowdfunding emerged and became a known quantity, it wasn’t just entrepreneurs looking for start-up capital who recognized the tremendous possibilities of this form of FinTech (financial technology). Charity groups quickly became eager to use crowdfunding to raise cash.

As crowdfunding platforms proliferated, however, it soon became clear that not all are created equal. Not all are well-suited for charities. To make things easier and save you some time, we’re going to list what we think are the four best crowdfunding platforms for charities.


It’s probably the best known. This platform has raised more money than any other with $9 billion and counting. GoFundMe officials advise that you contact the charity you plan to fundraise for before you set up a site for them. The charity must have the federal nonprofit 501(C)(3) designation. It must also be registered with the PayPal Giving Fund database.

The wonderful thing about GoFundMe is that it does not charge a fee to charity groups. It’s 5% for everyone else. That’s why it’s important that you go take the proper steps to verify you are working for a legitimate nonprofit.


This platform was originally called Razoo. Launched in 2006, it rebranded as Mightycause in 2018. When it did so, it became totally focused on nonprofit and charity groups. That makes this an excellent choice for charity fundraising. Furthermore, it concentrates on servicing small to mid-sized charities.


If you are Canadian, this platform is a top choice. It has a 10-year track record and has helped charities raise $175 million (USD). It’s not exclusive to charities. You can also conduct personal and business crowdfunding campaigns here. This platform features an extremely helpful support page that will guide you through the process. It makes sure you to get the best experience out of your charitable fundraising effort.


This crowdfunding platform is oriented toward fundraising for nonprofit art projects. It’s true that Indiegogo serves primarily personal and business-oriented users, but it’s an effective choice for nonprofits and charities of all kinds. If you are looking for funding for the arts, the advantage of this site is that you’re likely to find the right demographic because it is frequented by people involved in the art world.

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Planning the Perfect Trip to Athens, Greece

Any seasoned traveler can tell you there is much to learn by visiting other countries. However, it is necessary to know how to get around. The tourist destinations you are eager to see are more spaced out than you might believe, and if you visit without a tour guide, you might have trouble finding them.

The beautiful city of Athens is one of those destinations that can be confusing once you arrive. A sprawling, ancient city, you won’t find your destinations neatly aligned. What you’re looking for might be hours from your hotel, and you don’t want to waste time asking for directions.

Here are some key tourist spots for you to visit in Athens. Take note of how to get there so that your adventure can begin as soon as your airplane lands. Arrive prepared so that you don’t miss a moment of your dream vacation!

1- Acropolis

Acropolis is an ancient citadel built by the Greeks. If we rely on photos, we might believe that it can be explored in a short time, but Acropolis is huge. It’s a place to visit early in the morning, following a tour guide so you don’t miss out on obscure wonders. Following an experienced tour guide, you’ll be able to take it all in.

2- Kerameikos

One of the least visited tourist spots in Athens, Kerameikos is a cemetery and potter’s quarters. Just because it does not bring in large crowds doesn’t mean it is not worth seeing. It does mean that there’ll be less people in your way. Spend hours exploring the ancient gravesite and marvel at how these ancient structures have survived.

3- Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Ancient Greek architecture survives at its finest in this theater. Long after the plays vanished, it remained intact through the passing of time. You can imagine the seats full of people waiting to be entertained in this vast building.


No one wants to return from a trip abroad with regrets. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great things to see in Greece, be sure you have planned the itinerary to visit these sites.

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Top Sports Podcasts

It is no secret that diehard sports fans are some of the most passionate people you will find. Their entire life revolves around watching games, analyzing stats and discovering the latest news about their favorite teams. The biggest problem with sports talk on television and radio is that they are built to appeal to casual fans. The only way to get beyond the mainstream news is by listening to a podcast. These are the four best sports podcasts right now.

The Mina Kimes Show

Mina Kimes is one of the fastest rising stars at ESPN. She has an uncanny ability to deliver in-depth knowledge while cracking a funny joke at the same time. One lengthy episode of the podcast is released every week. Kimes is at her best when giving detailed NFL analysis, but she is equally knowledgeable when discussing the MLB or NBA.

The Lowe Post

Basketball fans are doing themselves a disservice if they are not listening to Zach Lowe on a regular basis. Lowe has an instantly likable personality, but he can also discuss intricate NBA salary cap rules without boring the audience. The podcast features a special guest on nearly every episode. The content is a perfect mix of basketball history and current news. Two hour-long episodes of “The Lowe Post” are released every week.

The Right Time

It is well known that Bomani Jones is one of the most intelligent individuals working in sports media today. While his excellent talk show with Pablo Torre on ESPN recently got canceled, you can still hear Jones’ unique take on the sports world on his podcast “The Right Time.” You will instantly gain a better understanding of sports, music, and society after listening to one episode. Two or three episodes of the podcast are released every week.

The Fantasy Footballers

Fantasy football is a cultural phenomenon with more than 40 million people actively playing every year. While it is not too hard to find quality podcasts on the subject, “The Fantasy Footballers” is easily one of the best. All three hosts are expert analysts, but they are able to create a show that replicates the feeling of discussing sports with your friends. Two to five episodes are released every week.

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How to Start a Holiday Food Drive

Many people across the United States are unemployed or have had hours reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that food banks are working hard to ensure families have enough to eat during this challenging time. Hosting a holiday food drive is a great way to give back and help these food banks get the food they need to continue their important mission. Host a holiday food drive this season with these tips.

Contact a Local Food Bank

Before getting started, it is best to contact a local food bank. Feeding America is an organization that connects volunteers with food banks in their area. The sooner that contact is made before the holidays the better. Food banks will be able to offer supplies, such as boxes with their logo, instructions on what types of food they can take and thank you notes for donors.

Because the holidays are a time when many people want to help, there is a chance the bank could be overwhelmed with donations. They may prefer that a food drive be held during the spring or summer months, so always contact them first before beginning…



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The Best Snowy Getaways

A getaway during the winter can be a therapeutic experience. But some people tend to avoid them because they automatically think of skiing as the only available activity. The truth is, there are getaways that are as perfect for people who don’t like to ski as they are for people who do like it.

One example of this is Whistler Blackcomb. Located in British Columbia, it’s a ski resort that has a lot more to offer. The resort boasts numerous restaurants and shops. It also has activities such as a tube park, movie theater, and ice skating rink. Guests of the resort can enjoy a snowmobile tour, or just take in the street performers, whose routines include dancing, music, and fire handling. They can also take to the skies with the resorts’ Peak 2 Peak Gondola rides, or even go ziplining or trek across a suspension bridge…



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Top Winter Sports

Despite the cold, the winter can have a lot to look forward to. Things like holidays, cozy lazy days at home sipping hot cocoa, and spending time with family are great but don’t forget to brave the outdoors. Here’s a list of 7 of the best winter sports to look forward to this winter.


Skiing is a competitive favorite. A popular activity during winter vacation, you can ski in a variety of ways. On a ski resort, a fluffy snow-filled mountainous landscape, you can ski freely with family or friends or jump off a mountain or ski lift to zoom downhill at maximum speed.


Bummed out about losing your skateboarding privileges in the wintertime? Luckily, snowboarding exists. Slide down snowy hills on a single longboard, while throwing in some leaps and twists with the force of your body.

Ice Hockey

Whether you’re playing for fun or just watching, ice hockey is a highly intense, and even dangerous sport. In a game between two rival teams skating rapidly trying to get goals in by hitting pucks, there’s a high risk of injury.

Figure Skating

Much like ice hockey, figure skating is a major sport globally. It’s beautiful to watch professional figure skaters and fun to try (and fail) at the complex loops and Axels….



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